First Leed Healthcare Silver certification in Colombia

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Reinventing, innovating, wanting to go one step further, are some of the keys to the project in which, with other companies and a team of committed professionals, and as Managers and Supervisors of work, we bet on the modernization of the SantaFe Foundation in function of the quality of life of its patients and occupants.

This allowed the SantaFe Foundation to be recognized as the first LEED Healthcare Hospital in Colombia and, after its renovation, the country's capital is the scene of the imposing structure that offers benefits to society and the environment.

The development of the process was carried out with remarkable and environmental awareness, translated into the use of recycled materials and the efficient management of construction waste. The structure has a double facade that reduces the thermal incidence inside the building and with other characteristics such as ventilation equipment and lighting control in common and private areas that achieve 18% energy savings; a faucet system that allows a 58% saving in water, and, in general, efficiencies that represent a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

For all this, the ninth edition of ConstruVerde, an event organized by the Colombian Council for Sustainable Construction (CCCS), which took place in Cartagena last October, granted the SantaFe Foundation recognition as the first LEED Healthcare Hospital in Colombia .

With awards like this, which highlight the leadership and vanguard of the projects in which we participate, we continue to build Payc Stories.